GNExT Wireless Smart Home Automation is an innovative, intelligent, IoT Solutions designed and developed IN INDIA.

Implement GNExT Wireless Smart Home Automation or IoT Solutions and make a world of difference to your life. Besides, enhance Comfort, Convenience, Safety, Security, and live in harmony with nature.

  • GNExT wireless smart home automation uses devices based on WiFi technology, designed in house to suit specific requirements and the environment in new as well as existing properties.
  • Our home automation is futuristic and allows the users to operate all their equipment either through their local network or through Cloud connectivity.
  • Devices are MESH enabled. Therefore is the big advantage to limit the number of devices connecting to the WiFi router.
  • Our solutions allow the existence of traditional switching along with automation for convenience.
  • Our IoT solutions are retrofit. Hence remain economical and easy to implement. They require no change in the wiring.

Lighting and Fan controls

Lighting Automation

Light is the essence of life. In other words, the effective management of light infuses a lot of positive energy and brightens up the mood. It creates an ambiance of peace and serenity.

GNExT Lighting controls can effectively manage the lighting of any part of the home at fingertips. Also simply program them to respond to the change in light, temperature, and human movement.

Our solutions support live picture status update and operation.

Control the lighting according to your mood.

One can touch the lighting/device area on the image in the App to turn ON/OFF any of the switches and get the update of the changed status on your screen.

Even when you turn ON/OFF through physical switch, image status in the App will be updated accordingly.

Script setting and integration with the environment. i.e. turning ON/OFF certain lights at a particular time.

Turning ON lights on movement if LUX level is at particular range.

Turning OFF lights/Fan if no movement in area for a defined time period.

Create voice dictation commands using Alexa.

Control curtains/shades with smartphone & Alexa. Schedule them to operate automatically or with sensors. Control all your entertainment equipment using your smartphone or Alexa.

GNExT is integrated with nature. Whether it is turning on lights in the evening at 6 pm or turning it off by late evening 10 pm or open the curtains in the morning and close them by night.

Operate AC based on the temperature or light level. Our sensors are built in a way to monitor human movements, temperature, humidity, and light.

Program your Insect Screens to close/open automatically to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house in the evening times. For example, you can schedule them to close at 5 pm & open at 6 am automatically.

  • Time-based Schedules for devices.
  • The pictorial interface in-app.
  • Sensor-based activity configuration.
  • Power management/power analytics.
  • Fan Control.
  • Alexa/Google Home integration.
  • Cloud connectivity.
  • Ambient lighting controls (Dimming/RGB).
  • Shade management (Curtain/Skylight control).

Air Conditioner

Manage AC operations using your smartphone from anywhere or just command ALEXA. Also, you can program them to operate automatically.


Pre-schedule according to your timings for your geyser. For example, your hot water will be ready when you get up. Turn on the water heater before reaching home.

Plug Point

Automate Mosquito repellent, electric cooker, coffee maker, etc., according to your comfort and convenience.


Integrate with Motion sensors, Gas leakage sensor, Window sensor, moisture sensor for soil to water garden automatically.

Bio-metric smart Lock

To open the main door lock through biometric, passcode, access card, and a manual key.

Gate Automation

Open gate without getting out of your car.

To summarize:

Implementing GNExT Wireless Smart Home Automation is not only convenient, user friendly, reliable, and seamless but also makes your life simpler, beautify your home. Above all, it enhances your lifestyle and contributes to your peace of mind.