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Shading | Venetian/Roller/Inter-Glass Blinds, Skylight

Motorised curtain track:

You can automate your curtains, Venetian / Roller Blinds | Skylight using motorisation. Automated curtains can be operated through smartphone, Alexa and time schedules.  Curtains/blinds can be configured to open in the morning & close in the night. Also it can be integrated with sensors.

Alexa operation for example: “Alexa, open curtain”. “Alexa, close curtain”. 

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are available in different width Pre-painted Aluminium slats in Plain, Perforated & Metallic finishes. They are also available in Wooden & PVC slats. Moreover, these blinds add warmth and beauty to any room and make your house more attractive. The materials and options are crafted depending on customer’s requirements.

Firstly, these blinds are well known for their customization, color, texture, and designs.

Secondly, the blinds are used both as protection from excess sunlight, which cuts down the sharp sun rays and allows only sufficient sunlight to pass through.

Most importantly, Horizontal blinds are also a good option for maintaining privacy.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are available in various designs and color options from subtle neutral shades to bold and exciting designer prints. These roller blinds can be customized to coordinate with your personal design preferences.

Roller blinds provide excellent noise and light isolation and a higher level of security. Light shading, heat reduction, glare control, and dim-out roller blind a minimal amount of fabric, lay flat against the window, and roll up to let a maximum amount of light into the room.

Roller Blinds are with perforations. They are skillfully balanced to block the maximum amount of light flow without obstructing the outside view. These roller blinds can be mounted inside the window recess. In addition, Roller blinds can be teamed up with curtains, valances, pelmets, and swags and tails to give a coordinating look.

Inter-glass/Sandwich Blinds

Motorized and manual insulated glass blinds suitable for office partitions, hotels – dividing bath & bedrooms, or even for regular windows. Dust & noise-free with cool and comfortable as it controls temperature. The metal between the glass system provides fingertip sun control and privacy with virtually no maintenance. They are functional as well as great insulation from the heat and cold outside.


Roller Blinds provide excellent noise & light isolation. Hence, blinds are used as protection from excess sunlight. In other words, these blinds cut down the sharp sun rays and allow only sufficient sunlight to pass through.


Skylight Blinds are exclusive slide-opening blinds that open a section of the ceiling to the sky with a motorized operation either by remote or switch. These blinds are installed in museums, art galleries, schools, and commercial business houses.

The Skylight Blinds have been designed for windows of practically any shape for example skylight, round, angular, slope, and unusual situations where conventional blinds would be unsuitable.

The Skylight Blinds may be installed horizontally, vertically, or at any intermediate angle.

Skylight Blinds are used to control solar heat gain, glare, and light levels in museums, greenhouses, residential areas for example the atrium, art galleries, factories, and offices, etc.

Moreover, these blinds require complete know-how and experience which is only possible by a turnkey provider who offers complete design, engineering, and installation support.