GNExT Automatix

Conserve energy & reduce carbon footprint

Wasteful consumption of energy in office, showrooms and manufacturing facilities adds unnecessarily to operating costs and affects the bottom line of the industry. GNExT office automation solution are smartly designed to address this concern. It assists the facility team to manage power requirements effectively in a working environment.

Generally Showrooms or office will have lights ON even when people are not around. Thereby automating showroom will help to turn OFF lights, etc. in the area where people are not around. This will help in reducing power consumption and save electricity bill.

Office Automation

Integration with nature

Integrated with the outside environment to operate lights, AC, Fans

Easy to Use

Mobile app with voice recognition facility to overrule preset parameters

Conserve Energy

Integration with sensors for monitoring movements, light and temparature

Smart Integration

Integration with the attendance system to know of the employee movements