GNExT Automatix

Optimise your resource at just a click of your finger

A Boardroom is a place where the company’s most pressing issues, meetings, and decisions happen. Therefore, Boardroom Automation can help to streamline your company, make your meeting operate smoothly and optimize your resources.

GNExT Boardroom Automation is designed keeping all these challenges in mind. In fact, it helps you in bringing down boardroom automation costs to “a realistic price”. It also helps you to implement easily as our solutions are wireless and are integrated using wireless networks. Most importantly, our Mobile App is very convenient to use.

GNExT Boardroom solution encompasses lights, shade, projector, projector screen, air conditioner, audio/ video equipment which manages and operates using a single mobile app. It can also be operated through voice commands or gestures. In addition, you can Pre-set your Boardroom remotely for the required mode.

Temperature Control

Temperature setting

You can manage AC & other IR devices using your smartphone/tablet. Also, programmed to operate automatically.

Venetian Blinds

Blinds/projector screen

Manage curtains/blinds through automatic scripting and in integration with natural lighting.

Lighting Control

Lighting ambience

Programmed to provide the right kind of ambience to the situation.

Media Control

Audio/Video control

Operate projector / audio-video equipment from smart mobile/tablet. Remotely manage your conference room.

Boardroom Home Theatre Automation
  • Saves time, convenient, easy to use.

  • Live scenario status update.

  • In-house design and scope to customize.

  • An enhanced experience for the user and the delegates in the Board Room.

  • Seamless integration with most of the board room equipment manufacturers.

  • Customization for integration with calendar.

Home Theatre Automation

Escape to the world of Entertainment and experience the magic

Want to have a cinema kind of experience at home? We all want to relax after a hectic tiring working day. Isn’t it? What better can be a Home Theatre or Cinema Theatre at home.

GNExT Home Theatre Automation will enable you to enjoy the true experience of entertainment. We will bring all your remotes under one device with visual and simplify the operation. Also, you can use a Smartphone or Tablet device to control home theatre or just by one command to kick start the Home Theatre. In other words, you can effortlessly control Projector, LCD, Sound system, Curtains, the Air conditioner at just a click of your fingers or voice commands.

To conclude, it elevates your movie watching experience and relaxes your mind so that you are all set to get back to work the next day.

Gesture control

You can define your choice of the key for gesture. Multiple gesture options.

Hot key definition

You can create your own choice of keys as a single hot key.

Simultaneous operation

App can work with multiple devices seamlessly.