GNExT Automatix

GNExT Automatix is a home automation company in Bangalore having strength in the design and development of IoT smart home, intelligent automation, shading solutions, and energy management systems.

GNExT envision to converge, technology with day to day living and make life more Comfortable, Convenient keeping Safety and Security in mind.

We are passionate about adding value to living and transform the way people live. We at GNExT, build the solution that leverages technology in providing smart home solutions that are cost-effective, reduce carbon footprint, and conserve energy. Thereby making mother earth a more livable place.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Inbuilt intelligence

Our smart homes are integrated with nature. For instance, if sufficient natural light is available in the room then the system turns off lights. If it is too hot in the room then it closes Venetian/roller blinds/curtain/skylight.

Time based schedules

Time-based activities, for example, turning on lights in the evening at 6 pm or turning it off by late evening 10 pm. Or open the curtains in the morning and close them by night.

Sensor integration

Sensors are built in a way to monitor human movements, temperature, humidity, and light. Additionally, our solutions can be integrated with Gas leakage sensors, window/door sensors, etc.

Pictorial interface

The app is integrated with the real picture of the house for easy operation which gives a live status of all the integrated gadgets.

Cloud connectivity

Devices are connected to the cloud, therefore it enables you to operate from a remote location.

Security Alerts

Using cloud and sensor networks, the system gives you intrusion alerts on your phone even when you are away from home.

Schedule your lights, fan, curtains, blinds, skylight, and any other gadgets.

Pre-schedule the time in your app so that curtains, blinds do its job automatically. For example, you can program the curtains to close at 10 pm, and open at 6 am.

Just ask Alexa to “turn on all lights”, “turn off all lights ” or “Alexa, dim living room lights to 50 percent”. Or you can also control specific rooms lights, by saying “Alexa, change the living room light colour to pink”, “Alexa, turn on the fan to speed 2”, “Alexa, turn on/off lights in Kitchen” or “Alexa, turn on the fan in the living room”.

Additionally, this can be done through your smartphone with the live/real picture status update.

Command Alexa to close or open curtains, blinds. For example “Alexa, open curtain in the living room”, “Alexa, close curtain in kids room”.

Program your Insect Screens to close automatically at 5 pm & open at 6 am. Therefore prevents mosquitoes from entering the house in the evening times.

Ease of operations & Convenience

You can operate using multiple choices and also voice commands. You can manage all your devices from wherever you are. It provides you with a convenient daily life.

Alexa Integration

Command Alexa to operate all your lighting, curtain/blinds, TV, and other electronic devices. The convenience factor is huge here.

Safety and Security

You can monitor your home from any part of the world. With cloud and sensor network, the system gives you intrusion alert on your smartphone when someone enters your house in your absence.

Saves Energy and Time
The sensor is integrated with the system and hence can check your lighting and other electronic devices are turned off when you are not at home. This saves both energy and time.

You can view or operate the devices from the comfort of your smartphone from any part of the world. Home Automation will have control over all your lighting, curtain/blinds, TV, heating, and other electronic items and check whether it is turned on or off. Therefore enhances peace of mind.

Value for Money

No additional wiring or any changes in the wiring is required, as it is a wireless application.

Our Smart Home solutions save cost, time, and conserve energy for a better world. Hence, contributing to peace of mind.