GNExT Automatix

Make your Venetian, Roller blinds, Skylight smart

GNExT Shade, Curtains, Blinds Automation helps you manage and create lighting scenes. You can recall them at the touch of a button on a tablet or on your smartphone or just by simply dictating. GNExT Shading Solutions seamlessly integrate with natural lighting and climate or with the complete home automation solution.

The blinds are used both as protection from excess sunlight, which cuts down the sharp sun rays and allows only sufficient sunlight to pass through. Hence automating shade, curtains, and blinds a big advantage.

Manual operation is tedious, time consuming activity.

The physical remote is restricted to a particular operation. Moreover, Chances of losing/misplacing remotes are very high.
Replacing remote additionally costs more.

On the other hand, automating shade, curtains, and blinds once, the app follows with your phone irrespective of changing the phone.

Sensor Integration

When there is excess heat/sunlight, program blinds, curtains, skylight to close automatically.

Cloud connect

Operate shades while away from home.

Time Based

Program shade, blinds, skylight, curtain to open close on specific time.

Voice control

Control shade, blinds, skylight, curtain using your voice commands through Alexa.

For Example:

Schedule your curtains, blinds, skylight.

Pre-schedule the time in your app so that curtains, blinds does its job automatically. For example, you can programmed the curtains to close at 10 pm, and open at 6 am.

Additionally this can be done through your smart phone with the live/real picture status update.

Command Alexa to close or open curtains, blinds. For example. “Alexa, open curtain in living room”, “Alexa, close curtain in kids room”.

Program your Insect Screens to close automatically at 5 pm & open at 6 am. This can stop  mosquitoes entering in the house in the evening times.