GNExT Automatix


Yes, Of course. Our devices are wireless & retrofit. Does not require to change wiring.

 Nothing specific. Just try to get switches at a place in room to reduce number of devices.

No. Our devices are retrofit which fits in existing switch boxes. And can be integrated with existing switches.

Yes, You will have multiple options to access. Smart phone/Tabs, Alexa, physical switches. Simultaneously multiple smart phones can be used.

Yes. Physically two 2 way switches can be connected. Get in touch with us for more details.

 Yes. Our system is cloud ready. You need internet at home to get connected to cloud.

Yes. We have advance feature built in with sensors, which can work as a intrusion detection.

Yes. You can operate every device, which is automated from remote location.

Yes. You can pre-define schedules according to your requirements. 

Yes. Any IR capable device can be operated with Smart phone or Alexa.

Yes. You can schedule every device which is automated.

No. Your existing gadgets remains there with advance features.