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5 Switch Control + 1 Fan control + 1 International socket or 7 Switch control + 1 International socket

This switch can be easily installed in any retrofit 6 or 8 module box without any difficulty.

WiFi Smart Touch Switch. Get in touch for more details

WiFi – Wind, Rain, Lux Sensor
Can be used with GNExT Automatix controllers for Operation of Blinds/Awnings/Luovers/SkyLights

Wind Rain Lux Sensor

Wind, Rain, Lux sensor works with WiFi.
Using one sensor multiple Blinds / Awnings / Skylights / Luevers using GNExT Automatix solution.

Multiple policies can be defined for different conditions.

e.g. If wind speed is detected beyond predefined condition then retract all Blinds / Awnings / Skylights / Luevers or selected.

If Rain is detected then open / close Blinds / Awnings / Skylights / Luevers.

If Lux is higher than predefined condition then open / close Blinds / Awnings / Skylights / Luevers

2 Module WiFi Smart Touch Switch

2 Switch Control

This device can be installed in 2 module standard box. Can control 2 loads of 5 Amp each

Retrofit 4 Module Box Smart Touch Switch

5 Switch Control + 1 fan control

This device can be installed in any 4 module standard box & can control 5 loads of 5 Amp each. One fan can be controlled with 4 steps (No humming sound at all)

Curtain/Roller Blind/ Awning/SkyLight/Louvers controll

Curtain/Roller Blind/ Awning/SkyLight/Louvers controll

This device can control Curtain/Roller Blind/ Awning/SkyLight/Louvers