Make life easier with Home Automation

Make life easier with Home Automation

My First blog on Home Automation

I wanted to start writing a blog and thought a lot about what I could write. I thought why not just start writing with something that I am experiencing about home automation that could help people.

During this crisis, home automation could help you take safety measures by reducing contact with physical surfaces. I have seen how scared people are to go out even to just buy daily necessities. Apartments, offices, hospitals, hotels, and all such amenities require automation during this period. This will help to reduce physical contact with any surface that has the chance of being infected. Lately, home automation is a trend as it is adding more value to living and transforming the way people live.


I have been using GNExT in my house to control all the lighting and other electrical appliances and I have been enjoying its services.

Under my experience, Automation has helped in my house as my brother leaves all the lights on in the house which is a waste of electricity. Now after the addition of this home automation, electricity has been saved a lot. Usually, I sleep late at night and I just get lazy to get up and go to turn the lights off. Nowadays I control all the light switches, fans from my phone, or by giving Alexa just a command.  This has made my life more comfortable and convenient.

While watching movies I’ve always wanted the theater ambiance at home and after using GNExT I’ve got that ambiance. You can create any kind of ambiance at your house according to your mood! Isn’t that so cool! 

This blog is to provide experiences that make sense to add to your home as well as make a world of difference to your life. What’s more interesting is that it is not only convenient but also has other benefits such as safety and security which I will elaborate on in my next blog. 

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