Home Automation

Energy Management Solutions from GNExT Automatix are specifically designed and developed to efficiently manage your home. Our solutions are retrofit and can be incorporated in either new or old houses. This calls for no change in the wiring or in the operations. Automation comes as a additional facility and provides with high class living experience, convenience and energy conservation. Our solutions are economic to a point and benefits far outstrip the investment.

Why Choose GNExT Automatix?

Wireless Devices

Wireless devices, so no need to change in the wiring. Automation is POSSIBLE in existing houses.

Use switches of your choice

Traditional switching remains in operation. Simultaneously enjoy the convenience of automation.

Pictorial Interface of live place

Operate devices with it's actual picture & status.

Heighlight Features

  • Wireless devices: Does not require special wiring.
  • Mobile App: Control all your gadgets with your smart phone.
  • Picture based control: Mobile app is loaded with live picture of your house with lighting status.
  • Dual Operation: Integrated with traditional 2 way switches. Manual switching & automation function simultaneously.
  • Cloud connect: Use your smart phone from anywhere to control gadgets as well as SECURITY ALERTS.
  • Sensor integration: Windows sensor, Glass break Sensor, Gas leakage sensor, Water leakage sensor, Smoke/Fire sensor, PIR sensor.
  • Water Pump: Control water pump from you phone.
  • Universal Remote: Control all entertainment equipments with personalized remote on smart Phone.
  • Conserve Energy: Reduce carbon footprint & global warming. Smart scripting engine to save energy.
  • Water Heater: Set water heater to automatically turn on for predefined time & turn off automatically if manually turned on. This will ensure your water is ready before you get out of your bed.
  • Air Conditioner: Turn on AC before you reach home. Similarly Turn it off, if you have forgotten to turn off.
  • Voice Commands: Control any equipment with voice command from anywhere.
  • Garage/Gate: Open/Close gate without getting out of car.
  • Many More: contact us for a demo (sales@gnext.in).

Home Theatre Automation

Home Theatre automation will enable you to enjoy true experience of entertainment. We will bring all your remotes under one device with visual. One can use Smartphone or Tablet device to control home theatre.

Why Choose GNExT Automatix?


Personalize your channels, keys, options.

All in One

All legacy (IR) remotes comes under your smart phone.

Heighlight Features

  • Compatibility: Compatible with any IR device.
  • Mobile App: Control all your equipment in home theatre with your smart phone. Projector, LCD, Sound system, Curtains, Air conditioner, etc
  • Lighting Control: Control Lights with smart phone.
  • Multiple use: All family members can use their smart phones.
  • Single App: Single app works for Home theatre or Living room or bed room entertainment equipments.
  • Legacy Remotes: Legacy remotes works simultaneously.

Shade Automation

Light is the essence of life. The effective management of light infuses lot of positive energy and brightens up the mood and creates an ambiance of peace and serenity.

GNExT Shade automation helps you manage and Create lighting scenes and recall them at the touch of a button on a tablet or on your smart phone or by simply dictating. GNExT Shading Solutions seamlessly integrate with natural lighting and climate or with the complete home automation solution of GNExT Automatix

With GNExT shade automation you can effectively manage lighting and shading of any part of your home or office at your finger tips or simply program them to respond to the changes in lighting and temperature.

  • Smart Integration

    Manage all your curtains/blinds/skylights through smart phone/tablets/voice commands (dictating)

  • Smart Living

    program your curtains/sky lights to respond to the changes in the nature. (Temperature, light, and even movement!!)

  • Easy to use

    Over rule your pre set parameters by using your smart phones, tablets

  • Save Energy

    Save big on energy bills by using natural lights

Office Automation

Wasteful consumption of energy in office and manufacturing facilities adds unnecessarily to operating costs and affects the bottom line of the industry.

GNExT office automations solutions are smartly designed to address this concern and assist the facility team to manage power requirements effectively in a working environment.

Our solutions are designed to understand changes in the weather, light, temperature and movement/ (presence of the individual) and operate (turn on/off) all the electrical fittings (lights/locally operated air conditioners, fans)

  • Integration with nature

    Can be integrated with the out side environment to operate lights, AC, Fans

  • Easy to use

    Mobile apps with voice recognition facility to overrule preset parameters

  • Conserve Energy

    Integration with sensors for monitoring movements, light and temparature

  • Smart Integration

    Integration with the attendance system to know of the employee movements

Board Room Automation

Board room management is a onerous task, with multiple devices and multiple remotes to manage and use them at the same time, whether it is the operating OHP or curtains, lights or TV and any other equipments

The present Board room solutions are very expensive and would involve huge amount of preparation and cabling. This leaves organisations in dilemma to decide over the automation. The current solutions are so expensive and does not justify the cost of procurement for a very long time.

GNExT Board room automation are designed keeping all these challenges in mind and helps in bringing down board room automation cost to a realistic prices. Our solutions are wireless and are integrated using wireless networks and our Mobile App is very convenient to use.

  • User friendly

    Operate all your board room devices through either a smart phone or a tablet

  • Easy to implement

    No additional wiring or messy cables running all through the board room

  • Simplicity

    Manage all your motorised curtains, lights using our mobile app